The ‘Aha mood’ and counseling

When professional actors discuss their performances of the same play they tend to remember some performances as ‘memorable’. On some days, everything goes right……  right from the word go!  Audience responses come at the right place, with a correct pace.  Your co-actors give you some great responses, all technical aspects work just well….. and as the curtains draw down, performers have a mood called ‘the aha….mood’.

My friends from the land of music sometimes share similar experience about some of their recitals.  Painters tell you that some of their art pieces gave them more satisfaction during its creation than others.  In fact, sportsmen also describe some of their ‘aha innings’ when their timing was sweet, each opportunity came with a banging knock & lady luck continued to have a charming smile at them.

5.pngAt times, I get this kind of an experience in some of my counseling ‘innings’.  I see my clients generally seven to eight hours per day..  But on that particular day different wind starts blowing through my words and phrases… I sense it & it makes me happy.  It is like the opening of spring after a barren autumn spell.  My thinking now is precise, I can almost feel the ‘scalpel sting’ in the way I confront a faulty belief on my client …….when I paraphrase for my client, it could have fetched me a ten out of ten in precis writing.

And I suddenly feel, yes feel, conviction has started flowing through my speech.  I know, I am transcending the ‘technical’ aspects of my counseling… I have them in focus but yet words come with a strange force.

I start seeing, flames of emotions, lighting in the eyes of the client sitting across.  I know, my words have started ‘touching’ my client.  When I am dealing with a small child, I touch the child, put my arms around the child’s shoulders, pat on the child’s back… and my talk becomes harmonious with my touch; or is it the touch developing a perfect octave with my speech… probably both.

The process continues for me…  many examples, explanations, key sentences, inspirational messages emerge out spontaneously but may appear well planned to any observer… ah, it is almost magical!… meanings keep on reverberating even in the silent pauses…. I almost hear echoes of our conversation, when the client rises and leaves my cabin.

The next one enters in….. but my dream experience continues… Can I call this a trance?  A touch of divinity? Probably for the spiritually inclined.  Can I term this as a ‘healing conversation’?  May be!  A chain of such conversation sessions can make it a ‘healing mood’.

I am sure of one thing though, such spell offers me, a profuse healing touch as if I am testing and re-testing my own core beliefs.  I am digging in my own process of learning though my life experiences. Perhaps learning more in the process.  My words are getting a soothing touch…

Then it is time to wind up the concert… one is feeling a blend of two contrasting moods.  A tremendous fullness and a creative emptiness.

I do not know when my next ‘aha mood’ is going to come but i know it will..  I can tell you, it’s not only my efforts that matter but some unknown factors. I am not interested in finding out that unknown factor… because the minute I will ‘KNOW’ it, I will miss my ‘aha’…. isn’t it?


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